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O Rings

Vacuum Suction cups

Rubber Products

Providing Quality Sealing Utilities For 25+ Years

For all of our companies history, we have made it a point to offer to all industries our leading edge sealing applications and pristine elastic merchandise. Our goal is to provide functional utilities for all mechanical and industrial users. From anti-vibration absorption hardware to the toughest sealing challenges, we strive to be benefactors of integratable supplies needed to protech machinery and provide enhanced functionality to applicable equipments and utilities.

Innovative Applications

Vacuum Suction Cups

From the toughest surfaces to the most miniature scales, suction cups are a utility that's not to be reckoned with. Suction cups are a reliable, accurate, and precise option for moving parts and materials across assembly lines and machinery.

Rubber Utilities

Rubber utilities such as rubber cords, anti-vibration pads, grommets, and rubber caps and bumpers, are a great utility for protecting a equipment's components and preventing the early decay of machines from vibration damages to other mechanical troubleshooting issues.

O Rings

Both static and dynamic seals offers plenty of benefits for machines and sealing applications. Such applications are hydraulics and vacuum seals, which can be fulfilled by O Rings. O Rings can act as a barrier for containing gases and liquids, which can help prevent the erosion of machines from chemical damage or water damage.

Elastomers Basics

There's several variables in elastomers. Depending on the item, the specifications will vary. Whether that may be temperature resistance, hardness, chemical resistance, measurements, applicable usages, or the materials used; these variables are critical to the overall result of the item's suitable utilization and longevity. Here at Rubber Shop, we present to all visitors a descriptive guide of the various specifications in elastomers and an insight into the field of elastomeric knowledge.

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About Us

Welcome to Rubber Shop! We are the international branch of our parent company Yuen Chin. Inc, which is based in Hsinchu, Taiwan. We specialize in rubber utilities, hardware, and materials and we've been operating since 1966. Being in this industry for so long we have extensive knowledge of our trade and strong connections with various partners. In all our years of operation, we take pride in our product's pristine-quality and our compassionate attitude towards the services that we provide to all our customers around the world. With that being said, we'd like to personally invite you to explore our all the various items on our website and try out some of our products.