Bellows Suction Cups

bellows suction cups, vacuum suction cups, suction cups, suckers

Bellows Suction Cups

Bellows suction cups are another type of suction cup, but unlike their counterparts like flat suction cups, they feature one or more accordion-like convolutions. This design allows them to compensate for different workpiece's varying heights and uneven surfaces. Because of this, Bellows suction cups are excellent for concave and convex surfaces, which eliminates the need for mechanical springs, ball swivels and height compensators, allowing for less complicated and more economically efficient installations. Evacuating these sort of suction cups creates a lifting action that allows for fragile workpieces to be gently lifted; these include computer chips and electronic components. That is due to the suction cup's relatively wide sealing lip that lays against the workpiece surface without scrubbing radially outward as the cup collapses under vacuum

Bellows Suction Cups, bellows suction cups, suction cups, vacuum suction cups, suckers

There are multiple uses for bellows suction cups, and in most instances, they are used in production lines and assembly lines. Typically it is used for handling curved parts like car body panels, pipes, tubes, injected molded plastic parts, and nontextured packages. The versatility of bellows suction cups come from its longevity, and if vacuum levels are kept low than the lifespan of these suction cups are extended. Even in the toughest of environments, the suction cup can function efficiently and accurately to deliver the best results to the end user. For example, in case of packages or boxes being deformed under high pressure, the suction cup's domed top provides angular conforming compatibility, which allows for a good grip under such circumstances.  

In troubleshooting operations, bellows vacuum pads should remain fully collapsed against the workpiece. If there is a “springing” action when the workpiece is lifted or transported, this indicates that the vacuum level is not deep enough to securely hold the workpiece, so a larger capacity vacuum pump or a larger suction cup may be necessary in this situation.

 Bellows Suction Cups, bellows suction cups, suction cups, vacuum suction cups, suckers Bellows Suction Cups, bellows suction cups, suction cups, vacuum suction cups, suckers


For all of our flat suction cups, we offer them in several different types of materials. Each material differs in its compatibility, chemical resistance, and temperature resistance. Below are some links to help you determine which material best suits your intended purposes. 

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Here at Rubber Shop, we offer various series of suction cups, which comes in multiple shapes and sizes. 

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Ordering flat suction cups or inquiring about them is as easy as submitting a request for a quote for a specific size. We will respond to any requested quote or inquiry within 24 hours. 

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