O-Rings: A Definitive Guide

O-Rings: The Basics

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What are O Rings?

Essentially, an O Ring is a mechanical gasket that is shaped like a torus, or in more basic terms, it is a loop comprised of elastomer material with a round cross section. An O Ring is typically designed to fit into a groove and when it's compressed in an assembly of two or more mechanical parts, it creates a seal.

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Because of it's flexibility, O Rings can serve various applications such as dynamic or static applications.

In dynamic applications, there's relative motion between the parts and the O Ring. For instance, dynamic examples are hydraulic cylinder pistons, which functions via piston movement. It is in this movement where O Rings create an essential seal to keep liquids or gases from entering or escaping the seal. 

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On the other hand, static applications are non-moving. These seals typically act as a barrier in the mechanical part that blocks liquids or gases from entering or escaping the seal. Typically, O Rings in this mechanism are compressed or pressurized. Since the O Ring is either compressed or pressurized, which results in zero clearance, the O Ring's material vulcanizes and creates a seal that prevents gases or liquids from passing through, and it makes the material resistant from liquid degradation or gas degradation. 

O ring, oring seal, oring, vacuum seal oring, oring sealing, oring vacuum seal, static oring sealO ring, oring seal, oring, vacuum seal oring, oring sealing, oring vacuum seal, static oring seal

These applications render O Rings one of the most common seals in machine designs. Another reason is that O Rings are relatively inexpensive, thus making it a cheap method to create seals. Additionally, O Rings are easy to make, reliable, and simple to mount on machinery. 

Rubber Shop offers a direct approach to obtaining O Rings from our vast inventory of O-Rings of various specifications, materials, and parameters. The main application of O-Rings are for creating seals in machinery and equipment. These seals act as a form of waterproofing components and parts of heavy machines. Additionally, seals act as a friction barrier in pistons that acts to keep the components waterproof under rough conditions such as high temperatures and some chemical substances. 

Our Inventory 

  • Multiple variations of AS568, JASO, JIS, and Metric Standard O Rings
  • 3000 different sizes of O-Rings, varying from width, length, and diameter
  • Micro-Sized O Rings, made ready for use in the toughest environments and most miniscule equipment 
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Dimensions of O-Rings

O Rings are measured by its outer diameter, its inner diameter and its cross section diameter, so for example, an AS568 O Ring could have the measurement of 3.69mm (inner diameter) x 7.25mm (outer diameter) x 1.78mm (cross section diameter). 

In most instances, O Rings are measured by metric measurements to identify its dimensions and tolerance. The sizes vary from different specifications of O Rings such as JASO (Japanese Automobile Standard Organization), which has it's own dimensions and tolerances to various environmental influences and chemicals. Therefore, it is imperative that when choosing O-Rings, its size, material, and resistance are accounted for as each classification of O Rings are unique in its specifications. 

Here at Rubber Shop, we provide various tools and charts to help you find the most suitable type of O-Ring for your requirements. 

We also offer size charts of all the O Ring categories in our inventory 

Materials For O Rings

There are various materials used for O Rings that have specific conditions that allow for specific functions of O Rings. They range from temperature resistance, chemical toxicity tolerance, and functionality. To choose the right material for your needs, feel free to explore our materials chart below. 

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