Flat Suction Cups

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Flat Suction Cups

For flat or slightly curved surfaces, flat suction cups are the most widely preferred utility to be used on work pieces. In most instances, flat suction cups are recommended for universal use due to its stability resulting from its flat shape. They provide fast attach and release times because of their small internal volume and are good for handling heavy, horizontal loads. This makes it so that flat suction cups work well as vacuum suction cups meant to be used on handling flat, flexible loads such as cardboard, sheet metal, and glass. 

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Flat vacuum suction cups function by attaching quickly due to the small volume of air to be evacuated. They are assisted by their feature of patterned knobs on the bottom to maximize the carrying capacity and are excellent for holding flat, flexible materials without deforming the item being held. Relatively stiff, the cup bodies retain their shape well in production applications, so that makes these utilities resilient to wear and tear. 


For all of our flat suction cups, we offer them in several different types of materials. Each material differs in its compatibility, chemical resistance, and temperature resistance. Below are some links to help you determine which material best suits your intended purposes. 

Our Inventory 

Here at Rubber Shop, we offer various series of suction cups, which comes in multiple shapes and sizes. 

Ordering and Shipping

Ordering flat suction cups or inquiring about them is as easy as submitting a request for a quote for a specific size. We will respond to any requested quote or inquiry within 24 hours. 

In terms of shipping, we will ship out all orders within 48 hours of the initial ordering time. Though the shipping fee will vary on the location the package is being sent to.