JIS O-Rings

JIS O Ring (Japanese Industrial Standard O Rings) 

The Japanese Industrial Standard is another popular classification system for O Rings. Its origins stem from the Japanese Standard Association, who published the classification method for identifying the size of JIS O Rings. Since the system is based on the metric system for its measurements, the most prominent fields that it is used in is Japan's semiconductor, automotive and machine tool industries. 

The sizing terms follows the (Inner Diameter) x (Outer Diameter) x (Cross Section) classification scale. Therefore, for example, an identification code of G-042 would have the measurements of (ID 41.4mm X OD 47.6mm X CS 3.1mm). 

Our Inventory 

In our inventory at Rubber Shop, we have the following JIS Series of O Rings, all with different applications.

For the P series, it is intended for dynamic applications (moving mechanical parts). The G series is intended for static applications (unmovable applications). The V series are for vacuum sealing applications. Lastly, the S series is for regular sealing applications. 

For JIS O Rings, the materials for each series are listed below 

Materials Selections: NBR | VMQ | FKM


Ordering and Shipping

Ordering the JIS series O Rings or inquiring about them is as easy as submitting a request for a quote for a specific size. We will respond to any requested quote or inquiring within 24 hours. 

In terms of shipping, we will ship out any orders within 48 hours of the initial ordering time. Though the shipping will vary on the location the package is being sent to.