Flat Suction Cup AXK - 26A

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Cup Diameter (mm): 26

Static Hight (mm): 10

Fitting Diameter (mm): 6



    VMQ-35: Excellent heat resistance, cold resistance, oxidation resistance, ozone resistance, elasticity and electrical insulation performance, and non-toxic. Low tensile strength, poor tear resistance and abrasion resistance. Click here to read more about Silicon Rubber - VMQ properties.

    FKM-55: Excellent chemical and heat resistance. Good mechanical properties and good compression set resistance. Click here to read more about Fluorocarbon Rubber - FKM properties.



    Area (cm2): 5.31

    Horizontal Lift (@60%N): 31.86

    Vertical Lift (@60%N): 15.93

    Cup Deflection S (mm): 12

    Radius R (mm): 10